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Mountain Whether Forecast Services

For Competition Expedition and Expedition Teams, shooting team

We offer weather forecasts for both domestic (Japanese) and overseas mountain areas. Our overseas offerings include the Himalayas, European Alps and McKinley, the Arctic and Antarctic, South America, and Africa.
NOTE: We may not be able to offer accurate forecasts for all of the Himalayas, Andes, Arctic and Antarctic areas due to deficiency of observation data, which may make it harder for a general climber to make weather based decisions.
As competitive and older climbers, due to physical conditions and schedule restrictions may not have the luxury of multiple attempts, it is important for them to climb under the most favorable conditions in order to reach the summit in the least number of attempts. Our forecasts can assist in planning as well as help in the avoidance of risk and danger to the climber.


Alpine Climbers

Life threatening situations may occur if a climber is caught in stormy weather in the middle of big walls and variation routes. It is important for such climbers to climb during favorable conditions in order for success and to avoid unnecessary risks.


Shooting/Filming Crews

Weather conditions are an important factor in the success of shooting in international mountains for TV, movies, commercials, etc.
So, it is important for crews to acquire accurate weather information to reduce risks and increase successful shooting for the crew. 
This is especially true in the case of aerial shooting by helicopter. Accurate weather forecasts can help determine the best day and conditions for flying and shooting over a specific area, which would also help reduce costs greatly.
Our mountain area weather forecast service can help in the successful completion of your projects while improving the safety of your crew and reducing overall costs. It’s like killing three birds with one stone!

For rentals of satellite phones used for communication/delivery from us, please contact WEC Trek


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