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"It is not enough to simply forecast the weather to reduce distress caused by an incorrect weather judgment."

Company Name

Yamaten Inc.


638-1-402 Toyohira, Chino-shi, Nagano, Japan 391-0213 TEL:+81-266-78-7837 FAX:+81-266-78-7848


Takayuki Inokuma


September 5th, 2011



Correspondent Bank

Hachijuni Bank, Chino branch

Corporate Philosophy

“Contribution to Safety”

Our goal is to the contribution of safety for climbers through the delivery of necessary weather information and continual improvement of climbing techniques.

“Contribution to Disaster Prevention”

We aim to contribute to disaster prevention by the provision of necessary information to clients through daily acquisition of advanced meteorological expertise and further understanding of nature.

“Contributions to the Global Environment“

Act respectively and responsibly to preserve the global environment.

“Community Involvement”

Showing respect to the community and contribute towards its wellbeing.


Weather forecasting and analysis for land and mountains.
Weather, avalanche, snow & ice, and disaster consultation.
Delivery of mountain weather information to websites and mobile devices.
Planning and execution of lectures and seminars for weather, avalanches, mountaineering and nature education for various institutions (e.g. educational institutions).
Lecturers on mountain related meteorology/weather topics for mountaineering groups and educational institutions.
Other activity related to mountaineering and weather.

Major clients

Travel agents handling mountaineering tours, mountain lodges, NHK, WEC Trek Inc. NTV, Production companies, National Mountaineering Training Institute, The Japanese Alpine Club, Hirotaka Takeuchi (Alpinist), TAO Co. LTd. (Office of alpinist Nobukazu Kuriki), Adventure Guides, Hiroyuki Kuraoka, Ken Noguchi, Montbell Inc., ICI Ishii Sports, Kamoshika Sports

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