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Mountain Weather Forecast Services

We offer mountain weather forecasts for 18 domestic (Japanese) mountain areas via website and e-mail with accessibility for PC and smartphones. To receive summit weather forecasts, membership, billing registration and a monthly fee (324 yen) is required.
Prefectural weather for target mountain areas, photos uploads and comments to the website are available free of charge.
Only credit cards are accepted 

Mountain weather forecast registration website (for registration and cancellation)
The website is accessible from the URL above or by the QR code on the right.Please enter your email address and password in the designated areas for the membership registration on the top page, or send a blank email to
Please note that all billing procedures must be completed before access to summit weather information will be granted.Also, instructions for this service is available on the top page of our mountain weather forecast website.

Service details


Paid member service: 300 yen per month

[Consumption tax separately · Only credit card can be used]


Web (accessible by PC or smartphone), and email


18 Domestic areas (Rishiri, Taisetu, Iide, Oze, OkuChichibu, Tanikawa, Tanzawa, Fuji, Yatsugatake, Northern North Alps, Southern North Alps, Omine・Daikou, Central Alps, Southern Alps, Daisen, Ishidzuchi, Kujyuu, Miyanoura)

Forecast content

Weather, temperature, wind direction, wind velocity and forecaster comments for every 6 hours for the next day, and day after next Email newsletter : approx. once/month

Strom warning emails

sent upon expected turbulence/storm

Diary feature

allows viewing and uploading of photos and comments


If you have any questions, please contact the following email address.

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