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Mountain Whether Forecast Services

For Travel Agencies and Climbing Guides For School Mountaineering and Field Trips For TV, Movie, and Commercial Filming
For Moutain Lodge/Ryokan (Japanese-style hotel) Union For Mountain Transportation Businesses For Outdoor Guides For general mountaineers

For Travel Agencies and Climbing Guides

Advisory Contract

Our forecasters will provide you with weather information, possible dangers and advice at times when you need to decide whether to go on with your planned tour when a typhoon or low (atmospheric) pressure is approaching. We will also support the party leader or mountaineering guide during their climb/tour by answering their questions if they are not sure of the sudden change in weather.For domestic mountain areas (only) there is no limit on the number of times of advice we provide.
Reports include a meteorological summary, any thundercloud and/or raincloud trajectories, wind conditions along ridgelines and any weather situations that may dangerously affect the mountain climbing or hiking expedition.
Periodical forecasts for temperature, precipitation, wind direction and velocity are not included. (Please apply for our individual forecast for such information)
Discounts for individual forecasts are available for our advisory contract customers.

Individual Forecasts

Recommended for times when volatility in pressure patterns have been predicted beforehand, traversal of a ridge is included as part of the plan, vertical routes with minimal/no escape routes are expected, or more detailed information is needed.
Individual forecasts include, weather, temperature, prevailing wind direction, maximum wind velocity, rain and snow fall, probability of lightening (for summer seasons) etc.
Prices will change according to forecast terms and requested content. Please contact us for more details.

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